Nature is the best constructor..

A big steap for us.
A small steap for you to enter the Entreq world.
With our entry line Primer we give you with a limited budget a chans to
enter and test all benefits with our cable concept.

The signal and speaker cables are build with shotgun priciple.
They include groundbox and groundcables.
The Powercord use high quality plugs from Furutech.
For you it´s just plug, play and enjoy.


Power Cord

Primer Power Cord Primer Power Cord

Powercords with Furutech FI-11 plugs.
Plugs that you normally only find on cables in much higher price range.
Primer Powercord share a lot of the features you find on our cables in the Discover-Atlantis line. 

Speaker Cable

Primer Speaker Cable Primer Speaker Cable
Speakercable with shotgun, EEDS, Cupper and Silver connectors. You can also get this cable with banana plugs. Includes groundbox and groundcables. Together with the Power and Signal cables you will get a true Entreq loom with the charateristic easy flowing and natural sound.The sound that made Entreq cables to be many music                                                     lovers favorit.

Signal Cable RCA

Primer RCA Cable Primer RCA Cable
Signalcable with EEDS, shotgun and a groundbox designed for just this cable line.
All in one package so it´s just for you to plug and play.