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Entreq groundboxes and Eartha cables have been on market for soon two decades.
Today you find Entreq in all kinds of systems. In budget systems as well as on the finest Ultra-High End systems where cost is no object, from all manufacturers around the world.
But still some manufacturers of Amplifiers year after year, keep on tell their clients to not use Entreq Groundboxes.
Even if they know that many of their customers use Entreq and all with success, they keep on.
This ends up in big confusion for clients/users and I often get mails from clients like this mail below.
All right I got very informative info from  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Never use the signal ground on a pre or power or for that matter any product because it will create a ground loop.The ground is increased with 10 ohms on the signal to prevent ground loop with the power ground and the chassis ground.You should NOT use the binding post of the amplifier.
In best case it will create a bit more hum and in worst case it will create oscillation of the amplifier."

I don’t know if this manufacturer give such info to their clients because of lack of confidence for their own constructions,
or it´s caused by lack of knowledge about our constructions! 

Anyhow info as above in blue is false and fake!! 
We state there is no risk for hum, ground loops, short circuits, or oscillation as long you are following the instructions.