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An Empire build on four cornerstones.


Solid ground.
Pure Power.
Good Network.

Our Empire is a one box solution with battery power, network switch and dedicated audio cables for DC and network. This solve many of the weak links in your network and Empire will improve your sound massively. In fact, we know for sure that if you take care of all the small details, you today can get a far higher quality by streaming your music than you get from CD. But for sure also battery have their problems to deal with. A battery sends out EMI and RF which could be very negative for the sound quality. They are also sensitive for vibrations. We have long experience from this kind of problems and have several products like Athena racks, AC Wraps, cables and all our groundboxes in our assortment for reduce just this kind of problem. We have put a lot of effort and all our knowledge in Empire for minimize the the problems caused by radiation and vibrations.
The capacity is 20 000 mah and max out 4,3 Amp. This is by far enough for drive a Roon Nuc core even when use DSP and it by far is enough for all routers on market. The battery has a power save function that turn of if no power is used after 30 seconds. Empire is delivered with a charger for the battery. You can let the charger be connected all time and it will regulate the charge automatically. 
We deliver Empire in three different levels 

Primer Pro


Please contact your nearest Entreq dealer for more info and a demo



 was founded 1999 and are today, a truly Swedish company. We are one of the very few companies that develop,manufacture and produce all of our products in Sweden.We are a familly company and we have no investors who tell us what to do and force us round corners. Because of this approach you will never see us immitate other brands or their technical solutions. Consequently our products are not only distinctive in their constructive materials & design but also in their connective processes.

This control over each and every aspect, in conjunction with our unique philosophy and design brief, means we are able to focus purely, with no compromise, on performance. 

Performance first !

This may sound like a natural aspiration in the field of audio but in our opinion this is rarely the case! The way we get our music have changed a lot on 20 years. Nowdays most of us stream our music and if we use the right products and take care of all details in the chain we get a performance that are better than CD.

As a company we are continually searching for new factors that influence as well as improve the performance of our products. We will always use the listening experience as the true measure of musical success. If we can then calculate the reasons as to what and why, so much the better, but that is actually far less important.
We at Entreq trust more what we hear and experience than what the gauges tell us. If this sounds better than anything else, then it is, no matter how it measure. It is that simple, even if you perhaps not can explain it scientifically.
What we mean is that we sometimes dont know what to meassure and what make sence.
And for you who say everything can be messured, could you kindly inform us of how you exactly measure the speed of an object in motion ? 

Over the years Entreq has consistently recieved plaudits from around the world for its innovative products. The quality of design, craftmanship and most importantly, musicality, have been recognised as the heart beat of every product.

We are extremly proud for get the AV Magazine award
"Super AV Awards Outstanding Overall performance award" and
" Most Wanted Component  "  for our whole Power managment system, included Apollo Powerus, Cleanus and Olympus Tellus

We hope you take the time to listen and appreciate what many reviewers and music lovers have came to recognized about our extensive range of products.

Most Wanted Components

Entreq Empire

Entreq Empire Apollo Entreq Empire Apollo



Entreq Empire 

Only few years ago streaming music was most for background music. Spotify or You Tube use to be the source and we used the computer with USB cable for listen to the music.. Today we have streaming companies as Tidal, Qubuz etc that offer high quality streaming with high res. Roon provide the market with good software and their dedicated Core. Today many manufacturers offer ultra high end quality on their network bridges as transports or build together with DAC in one box.
The quality on the sound have improved a lot and today are compatible with CD or in fact even better.But only three years ago in 2017 when introduced our first dedicated RG 45 cable Apollo only few real enthusiasts were using streaming for their HiFi and we were pioneers with our RG 45 cables.
One year ago, in Feb 2019 we introduced our range of DC power cords. Once again, we were pioneers. As far as we know we are still the only manufacture who produce dedicated high end DC power cables. Perhaps because a DC power cable have very little common with an AC Power cable and we have spent years for develop these cables.
We all know that no chain is stronger than the weakest link, but very little effort has been spent on the fact that we need Routers, switches, power supplies, DC power cables, and network cables in the chain. This parts often be forgotten since all focus been spent on core, endpoints and DACs, and in our opinion that is very sad because here we can get very big and cost-effective improvements. And if we ignore deal with these issues, the result never be as good as it can be.
First of all, you need a good router. That is prio one. The routers you been provide from your internet distributor is mostly of weak quality. If you want good quality on your sound you need to replace that router with a high-quality router. We use to recommend ASUS routers of two reasons.They use 19 V DC for power.They are easy setup and are reliable.
And once you get a good router you also get the first reason to use Entreq Empire. Because your router will be delivered with a switched power supply. The good thing with those are that they are cheap, easy handle and use very little power. The negative with them are that they most often have no ground connection and they send out a lot of high frequency pollutions on the power net that not only affect the device it should feed but also the power net so also other units in your system get “dirty power”

So we think, by replace the switched power supplies to Empire will result in a big jump in performance for you
Next step for improve the Router is adding a  good switch. I for very long time thought that the solution that will offer best sound was to feed the Roon Nuc and the Endpoint straight from the router. This was totally wrong. We know for sure that wrong switch can harm the sound but now also understand that right switch improve the sound dramatically.
A good switch refresh and separate the signal from the rest of the network and the sound improve a lot.
Empire use a dedicated switch with 1 fixed dedicated audio RG 45 cable and have 3 ports for connect to your Roon Nuc or streamer with cables you choose by yourself, depending on what length you need and what quality want. Hopefully you will choose a Entreq RG 45 cable
Once you have your Router up and running with good power and with a dedicated switch, we need to take a look at how you handle your Roon Core best way.
We highly recommend you use one Empire for feed the Roon Core with pure DC power and connect the fixed RG 45 cable on the Empire to the Roon core. Then you connect your Empires with a good RG 45 cable on the switchports.
As mentioned before, On that part of the network you use for music streaming you also need good network cables and switches that do not colour your sound. If you of some reason don’t want to buy dedicated audio RG 45 cables for your system we recommend you to use unshielded CAT 5 cables. Please don’t use shielded CAT 6 or CAT 7 cables, because it will most often not improve anything, but instead can cause you problems when shielded cables meet unshielded.  



Entreq Pallas

Entreq Pallas Entreq Pallas



Entreq Pallas



Infinity Lines Grows

Silver Tellus Infinity Silver Tellus Infinity



                              Enter the Infinity line.

Now the Infinity line have been wider.

Minimus Infinity , Silver Minimus Infinity and Silver Tellus Infinity make it possible for more users to get the experience from our Infinity technology.
The flow, the speed, the lightness, the punch, the joy, the musicality is what users answer when we ask them point out what they value most with Infinity line. “Something you can´t get with any other gear” use to be the conclusion.
On our 10 year anniversary, we introduced our first Groundbox with Infinity tech. Together with our Eartha Infinity cables, Olympus 10 was straight from the start the audiophile’s favourite.
1 year later we introduce our flagship Olympus Infinity and now it´s time for our old faithful’s to join the Infinity line.
Visit your dealer for a demo and enter the Infinity line



Olympus Infinity

Olympus Infinity Olympus Infinity


Olympus Infinity have the same new technology as we use in 
our top selling Olympus 10. But since Olympus Infinity have 4 times more mass and 5 times more silver treated with the Infinity tech it give you a even more solid effect compared with OM 10.
Together with our Eartha Infinity cables you will find that your records/CD:s or steamed files have so much information and musicality you never heard before. This is our best groundbox so far.


Wraps Infinity Line

Wraps Infinity Silver Wraps Infinity Silver


Wraps Infinity line. 
In the new Infinity wraps we use the same process of the metal as we use in the rest of our Infinity products.
And the improvment are not subbtle!
We think this is the most cost effective " tweak" you can buy..


Eartha Infinity Line

Ertha Apollo Infinity Line Ertha Apollo Infinity Line


Eartha Infinity line. 

The new link to a solid music experience.
When we worked with develop our RG 45 line we find many new details that have effect on sound quality who we have missed before
During that work we learned that the drain conductors have far more impact on the final result then we ever even could imagine before. The knowledge we get from this project we now use in our new Eartha cable line and the result are stunning.
In the production process we expose the conductors for a very high pressure. This process seems to reduce the resistance in the Eartha cables and the result is in our opinion absolutely stunning. You get far better flow and musicality. We mean that already the new Eartha Discover Infinity is like our old top models in many ways when come to musicality.
And how do the new Eartha Apollo Infinity and Atlantis Infinity perform comparing to the old line? And the new Eartha Olympus Infinity?
Well, sometimes it´s only stupid to try find the words. Especially when you, like me, not  are so familiar with the language.  
You better try yourself.
All of you who already use Eartha cables today should know that we are working on a solution that will make it possible for us to offer all of you who use Eartha  cable a possibility to upgrade your existing Eartha cable to the same level of the new Eartha Infinity for a reasonable price.
There will be some problems to solve with shipping and such, but we look at it.
More info and price for upgrade will be published the nearest weeks on our web site.

Ten years of knowledge

Olympus Ten Olympus Ten



We at Entreq are extremely proud to ten years after our introduction of Tellus, release Olympus Ten.
         This little groundbox really state that

                     “old is the oldest”  

Olympus Ten are the result of more than ten years of experience from groundboxes and the result is stunning. The leap in performance compared with Silver Minimus is tremendous. Of cource the bigger brothers Olympus Mini and Olympus Tellus have more solid effect, but we hardly believe you ever will find any other box in this size that give you so high performance for so reasonable price. 
Olympus Ten is the smallest box in the Olympus line. We think it will be a pattern for many years when it comes to size, performance and price.


New cable line up

Primer Line Primer Line


Primer line.

A big step for us.
A small step for you to enter the Entreq world.

Acces to stream Entreq Sound

RG45 Apollo RG45 Apollo


All of you who use our groundboxes, cables, racks and tweaks, you know what it means. 
You who don´t, why not discover it?

For more than three years I have worked with streaming and RG45 cables trying to get same quality as from CD transport. I knew it should be possible and also understand that the RG45 cable was the bottleneck. You can´t compare a RG45 cable with a FW, USB or normal digital cable. It´s something totally different.
The two first years I could not get any grab about it. The problems only foul around with me and it was a total mess. I tested a lot of the standard Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 cables on the market. No matter how good the Router, DAC, other hardware and software I used, the result was kindly said bad or even worse. In my opinion it sounded lifeless, dead, sticky and without any flow. As my wife say “ a wall of sound, but definitive not music”.
Finally, I found a standard Cat 6a cable that sounded better than the others. I investigated that cable in every detail and compared it with the other cable I have tested. Specially against the worst sounding. I began to understand the influence of the construction of the cables. 
The conductor area, how they should be twisted, pressure against conductors, how the drain wire should be designed etc. To make a long story short, I slowly understand which parameters that are important for good sound and which are important for good data transfer. Two totally different things.
Now, nearly one year and endless of listening tests later we can present a complete line of RG45 cables. From entry level to real High End. All of them with our EEDS.
With this RG45 cables, a good router, a PC with Windows 10 and one of our Serie II USB cable you will be able to stream with a sound quality you only thought good CD or Vinyl could present. In my opinion you get close to the same natural sound from Spotify as you get from the best CD transports on market. 
Some facts.
We at Entreq always use electronics that have the best reputation on market for our tests.
We use many different brands, dCS, Tidal Audio, Wilson, Technics, Marten, etc. 
Whit the knowledge from using so many different systems we know and want you to be aware that it´s not always the most expensive cable that will be the one that fit you and your system best. You need to test by your self and let your dealer guide you.
Remember that everything start with the access point to internet, no matter if you have fiber or wireless. The Router need a good (Entreq cable) to the access point if you use fiber and also take care how you place the Router. Think of it as a source. There will be difference in sound depending on what material you place the Router on. I have also found that it seems that Routers with high voltage in the power supply generally works best. Change the Power supply to a dedicated improved supply. We have good experience from using Sbooster for an example.
At the end, I must declare that I never tested any of the dedicated audiophile cables on market, and there are three reasons for that. If you look at others solutions, it´s so easy be blind and not see the real problem. Also, it´s not fair play try copy other cohort’s and finally if you want to get first to a point, you simply need to find new paths. If you go where some other already walked, you never be first. So I only used standard cables in our development.


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