• Entreq Philosophy

Our Philosophy

My name is Per-Olof the founder and owner of Entreq.
For more than 35 years I worked as a farmer and i am still proud to call myself a farmer. Living and working so closely with Mother Nature I have come to admire & respect her natural superiority in overcoming even the most complex of problems with the most balanced intuitive solutions. I am proud to be her student and to have learnt from the best!
I have been totally lost in music & Hifi nearly all my life, my journey with hifi started on the 23 April 1973, and my 13th birthday. This is when I got my first stereo, a 2.5w Philips cassette deck and a pair of 15 W Speakers. I never will forgett that day!
Today I use a full Tidal La Assoluta system for our testing and evualation. A big difference in performance. Few, if any other companies can produce that quality. 
I love and enjoy music and have always tried to improve the sound quality, looking for new ways to get the most natural reproduction possible. We have created some of the most uniqe cables on the market from scratch and this cables now are used by many music lovers who enjoy the natural sound.
I feel lucky that over a decade ago I discovered and have become fascinated by the properties & effect grounding has on our music reproduction. The knowledge & understanding regards grounding, how different materials working together effecting magnetic fields, noise pollution and the sonic impact on our music as a whole, has been at the core of my work.
Entreq has been pioneering this subject for more than a decade, while others simply dismissed or laughed at our research. Today, when it´s accepted as a fact and so many try to copy and emulate our discoveries, we feel fully vindicated in our products!
Of course this research puts us in a very strong & advantageous position regards grounding but as much as we have learned we can assure you that our search for knowledge & understanding never stands still. Our Infinity technology is a good proof of this. 
Our Philosophy
As you study our product lines you will see a commonality in approach and execution of the solutions. These solutions have been garnered over 18 years of not just theoretical analysis, application and understanding of materials and their inherent effects, but through new un-expected discoveries during the testing and the all-important listening process. The years have truly taught us that the more you assume you understand the more you NEED to explore and stay open minded to solutions that simply have yet to be realised. It’s a lot of the small details and the nuances that make all the difference.
We have come to the conclusion that if you THINK you have complete understanding, you have already lost your way! There is always more to learn. Always!

We are all unique individuals with differing tastes, who have different criteria when judging musical value. Therefore there are no “this is the best” or “this fits everybody” products. As a manufacturer we can simply offer you good products, from sound choices, built on a foundation of knowledge and experience while offering a degree of personal flexibility and tuning.
From our full range of Ground Box's and the all new Infinity range of Ertha cables,  signal cables, speaker, power cables and Racks  we have taken sound reproduction to a new level. The only way to understand how natural a system can sound with these products is to try them for yourself.

“That which can be measured is not so important, and that which is important cannot always be measured”
There is quite a lot of truth in this statement, even if it is not completely correct.
We at Entreq trust more what we hear and experience rather than purely what our test equipment tells us. If something sounds better than something else, then it is. It is that simple even if you perhaps cannot fully explain it scientifically, at this time, with measurements. 

We remember back in the 70”s, when everything was simply measured in the laboratory. At that time it was supposedly the DIN measurement 45 - 500 that supposedly told us all we needed to know. It was DIN Watt, IM dist, HM dist that governed whether something was good or not. If it didn’t measure well enough, it was simply solved with negative feedback and that was it!
Many times the equipment sounded awful but hey the measurements were good, surely it must be good then?
It was a sensation when Matti Otaala from Uleaborg University explained why some amps that only gave 20 W Din 45500 sounded so much better & more powerful than amps that gave 200w.
What we are trying to say is that sometimes just because you cant define a “measurement” for a sonic improvement at this moment in time because we either don’t know what we are specifically looking for or have the equipment to measure the unique properties, doesn’t mean that our human ears cant detect the pleasurable improvement! . 
So we intend to continue as we began. You can rely on us to use our extensive knowledge to develop products but we will always use our dedicated team of listeners to ensure that theory meets reality. In our experience the measurements are actually far less important and rarely pick up on the subtle but essential differences in materials & construction. However what is important is that we develop a product that you as a customer simply get a greater enjoyment from listening to your music. It’s that simple, that’s our goal!
Pics from our History

In 2007, after years of research, Entreq launch its first commercially available Ground box - The Tellus  - the Tellus really divided opinions and generally created two groups. Those who tried our grounding system were intrigued and often very excited by the results. The other group just mocked & laughed at the idea of the product saying there was no way it could work. Ironically the second group often never even bothered to listen to the product!
Tellus was the result of many years of testing and the initial attempt to create an artificial ground point for signal earth. We had realised that the grounding plain carried a wide range of pollution that affected everything connected to it. In particular high frequency currents seemed to affect the sound very badly. In the beginning we simply used generic copper cables to directly connect the Tellus to the electronics and our signal cables. But very soon customers began to give us feedback that they were experimenting & experiencing different results depending on the type of cables they used to connect to the Tellus. Good and bad results.
This kick started a whole new era of investigation and testing over the coming years!

2009 We go from 36 squaremeters factory to 200 squaremeters.
We get our first award for our Konstantin cables.
" Most wanted product of the year" in Stereo Times

By 2010 we had really started to understand far more about the influences that differing combinations of materials had on performance and that each individuals Hifi system required a degree of tuning to offer optimal results. At this point we introduced the Silver Minimus, Silver Tellus, Silver Cleanus and four different lines of Eartha Grounding cables.
Over the years of developing these additional products we learnt far more about grounding. We realised that stray voltages, field effects and high frequency pollution can pass in many different directions. These phenomena can be directly compared to how computer virus’s spread, evolve and are introduced.  There are new and different types all the time and they can affect different circuits and systems in quite different ways.
At this time our research and testing into grounding continued in parallel with the development of our latest range of Entreq signal cables. Entreq had developed its own unique range of Signal cables even before the introduction of grounding in 2007!

2012 We add 150 squaremeters more to our factory. The Apollo line of products are released. 

2013 Release of the Atlantis line. A top of the line cable loom and two add on groundboxes for upgrade existing groundboxes.
2015 we introduce the Olympus line. The Olympus Tellus, a beast with a weight of 60 kg and seven Ground connections, that can handle even the biggest system. While the Olympus Minimus, a box of 13 kg and just a single Ground point; can handle two direct Ground connections. 

By now we had gained a great deal of knowledge about grounding. From being the Pioneers that many dismissed & simply laughed at, Entreq now became the leader in the field. Ten years after we introduced the original Tellus we, without any doubt, can confidently say that we have the most in-depth and practical knowledge in the market.

2015 We introduce the Athena rack, with its totally unique in-built noise net system that absorbs the spurious noise generated by the equipment itself, changing forever the way we should think about Hifi supports. In same year we also add another 400 Squaremeters to our factory. At this point Entreq has grown to more than 800 squaremeters for production alone.

2016 Everest and K2 ground posts are introduced. A simple upgrade for the entire Silver Tellus line , offering both old and new customers the ability to elevate the performance of their products to something approaching the mighty OlympUs range. 

2017  Introduction of the Olympus 10. Built on the same footprint as our MinimUs & Silver MinimUs but culminating all of our previous knowledge. This is a small but mighty Ground box! Olympus 10 was an instant hit, quickly becoming one of our customer’s favourite solutions. After extensive development we offer our first ever range of network cables. At the same time we launch the Primer line of Signal cables, an entry level product incorporating much of our knowledge as well as there own dedicated ground box. A real taste of Entreq’s natural performance and an affordable gateway to the world of Entreq.

2018 saw the emergence of our biggest breakthrough yet in performance in both Grounding, Ertha cables and the rest of our cable range, the application of our exclusive Infinity Technology. With Infinity we have yet again pushed the bounds of what is possible and taken a huge leap forward. There are now many companies bringing there own interpretations of Grounding solutions to the market but be assured we will always be ahead of those that follow & Infinity has stretched that margin even further.

2019 we take a real grip on the streaming market with our DC Powercables,networkcables and our Empire/Oasis boxes. We also add 200 squaremeters for our production.

2020 Corona hit the world. We only can wait and see where this will take us. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.