Nano Kit, Vibbeaters, AC Wraps, ES Pads, Everst and Magma feets.

Standing still Is important for your speakers and electronics!
For best performance it is important that your speaker is stable and  as physically free from parasitic distortion's as possible. Generally treble vibrates from at least 5-20 kHz and if the surface of the baffle, as well as the other panels on your speaker, sing along approximately at around 400 to 900Hz it ends up in distorsion. 
Handle the magnetic fields is even more important.
Our Magma Tungsten feet’s works great when you put them under your items, but they sometimes work even better when you put them on top of electronics. 
Our new powerful universal box Nano give you an instant impact without even relate to a cable. Place a Nano box on top of the gears power supply and just listen to how the music flow with more dynamic.

The Nano Kit.
Our smallest, most power ful box ever.
Only your imagine set the limits
for the Nano Box.

Connect it with a cable as a groundbox to your cables.
Connect it to your electronics.
Use it as feet´s or put it on top of or close to your units.

Vibb Eaters Vibb Eaters
Jumbo 6 kg. For speakers above 40 kg Maxi 4 kg. For speakers 30-40 kg
Midi 3 kg. For speakers 20-30 kg
Mini 2 kg. For speakers 10-20 kg
Ultra 1 kg. For electronics.

With its special sand mixture they offer higher stability to the chassis of the equipment. And also absorbing vibrations. In addition the ‘Vibb eater’ also neutralises a part of the magnetic field from the electronic equipment.

Magma Tungsten Magma Tungsten

Energy transforming feet.  
Magma 45 mm high. The base for the Magmas is our unique three-layer wood which absorbs most of the mechanical energies.Inside Magma Slim Tungsten and Magma Tungsten we use a new developed energy transforming unit made of Silver, Stainless steel, Tungsten, Cupper, Magnesium, Zink, Steel and ceramic. This unit transforms the mechanical energies but also and most important the electromagnetic energies.

Peak Peak

Peak 4 use a mix of five different Infinity treated metals. 
We normally use wooden caps on our binding posts. Wood is totally neutral and adds no new capacity. In that sense it is perfect. The opposite is to use plastic’s and most metals. We have used this fact to add carefully choosen metals and you simply replace the woodcaps on your existing ground box with either the K2,  Everest or Peak 4.
K2 use two different metals and in Everest we have mixed four. Peak 4 use a mix of five different Infinity treated metals including Tungsten.
By add this metalmix trough the bindingpost you change the performance in the whole ground box, not only on the used outlet. That mean that you can fine tune the box so it´s optimal for you. 

Click here for more info!.

Everest Everest
Four metal mix. A vital, lively signature.
Very popular.
K2 K2
Two metal mix. A dark and calm signature 

Cable Lifters

Cable Lifters Cable Lifters
Vibb Eaters Apollo Vibb Eaters Apollo
Use Infinity treated Silver Silver and Tungsten in the mineralmix. Same size and weight as normal Vibbeaters.

Wraps Infinity

Wraps Infinity Wraps Infinity
Infinity AC Wrap and Mini Wrap
In every cable that transports a signal or energy a magnetic field is created. The fields are strongest where the cables are plugged in and where there are any subsequent connections.When you put a Wrap around a cable/connector the Wrap works as a attractor that split up or move out the magnetic fields so the signal/ energy can pass through with less impact from the fields.

Using AC Wraps offers a calm stability and flow to the sound, even with cheaper Power cords and cables. If you are already using more expensive cable's, we are delighted to say that no matter the brand it will work better with an Infinity AC Wrap. Try the AC Wrap on your Power cords and speakercables. Test the Mini Wraps on your signal and digital cables.
It might be the most praisworthy upgrade you ever done.
Please speak to your dealer or distributor for more info. Delivers in pair. Give you a great upgrade of your cables for a very reasonable amount.
Magma Slim Tungsten Magma Slim Tungsten

Energy transforming feet.
Magma Slim 25 mm 

Since the metals we use in Magma are Dia, Ferro and Paramagnetic mixed together, we get a magnetic field around the Magmas that have a very positive influence on the magnetic fields arround AC Power. 


Magma Slim Magma Slim

Energy transforming feet.  
Magma Slim 25 mm high

 ES Pad

ES Pad ES Pad
With the design of the ES Pad we have focused on the transfer of very high frequency vibrations & energy.
The ES Pad is barely 35mm high and incorporates a threaded multi faceted hard acrylic base, with a mineral filled soft Pad making direct contact with the equipment or product itself. 

This Isolates the equipment from the foundation of what ever it is sited upon while the direct contact of the Pad, to the equipment, drains away high frequency energy / vibrations through the mineral mixture itself, converting this energy into a harmless low level heat.

Think of the cables as Highways. If the access and slip roads ( Connectors ) are well constructed and in good condition the traffic will flow easy.
If it´s the opposite, you will get traffic jam and accidents, no matter how good and well-constructed the rest of the road is.