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Nature is the best constructor ever..

That´s why we try to build the same way. The result is a natural sound and a flow in the music seldom heard.

"Duo negativa affirmant"..

Multiplying two negatives gives a positive. ‘I know’ could also be expressed, ‘I am not without knowledge’. The content is the same but the second expression communicates negativity and sounds wrong.

It is the same thing with Hi-Fi. If you place your electronic equipment on a glass table you are guaranteed to get a harsh and aggressive treble. It is likely that you try to compensate this with cables that are not neutral but rather softens the edge. The sound might very well sound correct, but just as in the sentence above it will sound forced and ‘bureaucratic’. And the more you try to compensate errors incorrectly, the worse the sound gets.

This is why it is so important that the environment and the surrounding equipment are as neutral as possible. All our products are neutral and natural; they don’t add nor deduct anything.

The Basic Cable Concept

  • Shot gun principle
  • Solder free contact joints
  • Wooden cinch connector housing
  • Minimum use of metal
  • Cotton cable sleeving
  • Dedicated ground wire for optimum noise suppression

Unique cable design

Our unique cables are the result of several years’ hard work and development. We have investigated and penetrated the operation and meaning of every square millimetre of a cable. Through this we have acquired knowledge that few, if any other manufacturer, have regarding signal transference.
Several revelations have resulted in us having to come up with our own solutions since we haven’t been able to find any product that could live up to our expectations. For us, this has resulted in a number of patents and that today we can offer cables that can be compared only with the best cables from the best manufacturers in the world. For you this means that you can experience real happiness of music at an acceptable price through high quality cables.


The products ‘Vibration-eaters’ and the ‘Foot-family’ do not leave anyone untouched. They often give you improvements that make you believe you have a whole new CD collection.

Fox System

According to us these are the only benches and tripods that put function before design, yet they have turned out beautifully.

Discover Discover

Delivers a good synergy within the Dicover family. A very musical and pleasant cable suitable for basic and medium fi equipment. Very price worthy.

We use a lot of the technology and some of the inovations from our top cables. 


Challenger Challenger

Contender to the best of the best. For the person who has truly good music equipment. Challenger does not hide anything. If the rest of your equipment lives up to the standards you will get perfect placements in altitude, depth and width. Everything is brought forward and presented in a terrifyingly realistic way.

Earth Cables Earth Cables

To go quietly where no man has gone before, but boldly claim they have!

Konstantin Konstantin

For the person with first class musical equipment. Has all the merits of the Discover cable but even higher resolution and detail richness without turning cold. Incredibly good midrange. Amazingly good sound picture. A very musical cable that takes you closer to the music than ever before.

Apollo Apollo

To go quietly where no man has gone before, but boldly claim they have!