Ground Boxes

Why use our Ground Box's ?

You will get an improvement in dynamic's, a lower noise floor and more natural flow in the sound.

For us a clean and effective ground point is one of the most important factor's in ensuring the best possible sonic platform for any hifi system!
We normally say 220V 50Hz alternative110 V 60Hz. But in our opinion there are a lot more frequence on the power net. These is caused by the way we connect zero and protective ground together in the main central/fuse boxes.Most things these days run on electricity. Current goes in and current goes out of devices and lighting fixtures of every kind. All of these make the current messy. Not least computers with their switched power units, chargers for e.g., mobile telephones, all the halogen and LED lighting, dimmers etc. all cause a great deal of high-frequency noise and stay voltages. This noise always seeks the easiest path to the earth. And since this can be everything from 50-60 Hz to very high-frequency, but weak, currents, it is not always certain that the path of least resistance is via the protective earth. These currents instead can find dishwashers, laundry machines, counter tops with water pipes, your HiFi rack and your stereo set with all the cables and devices as more attractive paths to the earth. Moreover, these stay voltages often generate very large magnetic fields that absolutely have influence on the sound reproduction.
One big problem is that the protective ground many time are overloaded or not constructed for handle this pollutions. It can handle a real "bang" of 110-220Volt and X  Watts without any problems, but when it come to this small currents of some Milli V  with very high frequence it dont catch them. So instead these will flow arround in the power system searching for a place to ground. And in fact the protective grond can leak back a lot of pollutions to the power net that instead go to f,ex your HiFi system with all the cables and magnetic fields and load up and rest there in their serch for ground.Our ground boxes / Eartha cables are designed to resemble and work like a bit of Mother Earth in concentrated form and offer the simplest and fastest route for this high-frequency noise to reach a earth point. Since such are very high-frequency weak currents, it is not necessary to have a lot of mass;  but it is important that the cables are optimized for these high frequency and the groundbox be a purely attractive earth point.The construction and choice of materials in the earth box has a crucial effect on the result. In part, the minerals and metals involved have an effect, but the relationship of proportion and distance between them also affects the result. 

When you connect your system to one of our groundboxes you offer this high frequence stay voltages a ground point where they can find peace instead of flowing arround in the system. 

The Tellus line with Minimus, Silver Minimus, Tellus II and Silver Tellus are all based on the mineral/metal mix we developed for nearly ten years ago. This boxes are still in the forefront comparing to many other new brands.
When you read tests and reviews it´s always this boxes they use as reference. The first boxes we introduce on market.Today we would say that this boxes in the Tellus line are our entrylevel. 

Two years ago we introduce our Olympus line with improved performance in all parameters
In the Olympus we use a new developed mineral/metal mix wich give you a big leap in performance.
The Olympus line include Olympus Tellus, Olympus Mini, Poseidon,Olympus Ten and our new top of the line Olympus Infinity.  With the Olympus Infinity we have take a big leap forward and open up a door to a new world. The Olympus Infinity with the new Infinity treated wires and optimized mineral mix are so far beyond all other boxes on the market that you must hear it for belive it. Many users describe it this way.
"Give a improvment you can´t get any other way. No matter how much money you spend"
In early 2019 we released our Minimus. Silver Minimus and Silver Tellus in a updated  Infinity version.  
All our products are developed and tested on Tidal Assoluta system.  

The Atlantis Minimus and Atlantis Tellus are boosters that in first hand was made for use with Tellus line for give that line nearly same performance as Olympus line. You can connect  both the Tellus and Olympus line to Atlantis for even better performance.


Tellus Tellus

Out of production

Tellus have served us and customers well for many many years and will continue do even if we now will stop the production, when we introduce Tellus II. Tellus offers three dedicated ground points. This allows for up to a maximum of six ground cables to be simultaneously attached to the ground station. Until the introduction of our Silver Tellus, the Tellus was our reference product for many many years. Its ability & capacity to lower the noise floor, when used with our dedicated ground cables, can be quite incredible.

Weight 15 Kg  W 43cm - H 12cm - D 31cm

     Note : The Tellus or Silver Tellus is not designed to replace the                   protective ground on your electrical mains!

Tellus II

Tellus II Tellus II

In one way Tellus II is old stuff in new packaging. But at the same time it's a totally new groundbox that will open up for many new possibilitys. Left and Right outlet are two separated Silver Minimus and the outlet in the middle is the same as a Silver Minimus and Atlantis Mini built together in one chamber.

In other words, its a "entry level Poseidon"  
It  offers three dedicated ground points wich are toyally separated from each other. For further information about all the options, please take a look at the Poseidon. Tellus II work the same way.
Together with our dedicated Eartha cables, K2 or Everest there will be a combonation that works for you.  

Weight 15 Kg  W 43cm - H 12cm - D 31cm

     Note : The Tellus, Tellus II or Silver Tellus is not designed to replace the                  
protective ground on your electrical mains!

Silver Tellus

Silver Tellus Silver Tellus

Only on request
The Silver Tellus has four dedictaed outlets and can handle up to eight devices. In addition to the enhanced design of the Silver Tellus, it also includes  30% more Silver in its specialist mineral mix. All of  these advancements have resulted in a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the Silver Tellus to reduce noise and gain better dynamic's.

Weight 22 Kg  W 43cm - H 14cm - D 31cm

  Note : The carefull choice of the "Ertha" cables used with the Silver Tellus                is critical in obtaining its full potential in your system.

Silver Tellus Infinity

Silver Tellus Infinity Silver Tellus Infinity

Weight 22 Kg  W 43cm - H 14cm - D 31cm
Silver Tellus Infinity with the new Infinity technology has like the old Silver Tellus 4 binding posts. But on S T Infinity 3 are linked together and 1 is separated, so you can use it for Wall socket or another source that you want have separated.But S T Infinity are not made for neg speaker pole grounding. 

You hear straight away the relationship S T Infinity have with our flagship Olympus Infinity. A flow and punch in the music that is nearly impossible get if you not use the Infinity line.
There are something special with the Infinity technology. Visit you dealer and tryit.
  Note : The carefull choice of the "Ertha" cables used with the Silver Tellus                is critical in obtaining its full potential in your system.

Olympus Ten

Olympus Ten Olympus Ten

We at Entreq are extremely proud to ten years after our introduction of Tellus, release Olympus Ten. This little groundbox really state that “old is the oldest”  

Olympus Ten are the result of more than ten years of experience from groundboxes and the result is stunning. The leap in performance compared with Silver Minimus is tremendous. Of cource the bigger brothers Olympus Mini and Olympus Tellus have more solid effect, but we hardly believe you ever will find any other box in this size that give you so high performance for so reasonable price. 

Olympus Ten is the smallest box in the Olympus line. We think it will be a pattern for many years when it comes to size, performance and price.

Weight 2,5 Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm

Olympus Minimus

Olympus Minimus Olympus Minimus

The Olympus groundboxes are different from Minimus /Silver Minimus in many ways. When we developed the “Supercharger line” Atlantis we found many interesting details. Unfortunately we could not simply implement these ideas directly into the Silver MinimUs or Silver Tellus
                                                   without fundamentally changing the product

With the Olympus line we were totally free to implement all of our combined knowledge, using no fixed parameters to re-design from the ground up.
So in the Olympus line we have an all new mineral-mix, as well as a reduction of the quantity of some metal particulates, there is the inclusion of some all new metals ( for example Magnesium). Olympus MinimUs, like our other MinimUs, has only one outlet but in this case it is now solid Silver. Needless to say it is now the top model in the Mini Groundboxes.
Olympus is primary designed for ground Pre-amps and Dac's. But it can also do a very good job with the grounding of our cables and our CleanUs line. The most significant difference in performance, compared to the Silver Minimus, is more texture and air in the lower frequency as well as more detail and better over all flow in the music.  
Like our other ground boxes it is made of Oak but with the Olympus you can also order it in a dark Oak finish. 

Weight 9 Kg  W 22cm - H 14cm - D 25cm

Olympus Infinity

Olympus Infinity Olympus Infinity

A statement for all groundboxes
Once we had developed the Eartha Infinity cables a new world open up for us. And with the knowledge about how the performance change after we treat the metals with high pressure, we decided to build a box where we have implement the knowledge we get from the Infinity cables.
A " cost no object" project where we use all our knowledge so far.The result is stunning.Our new top of the range box Olympus Infinity is by far the best ground box we ever made. Sorry to say also the most costly we ever made, but in our opinion Olympus Infinity will give the user full value for the money.
Together with our Olympus Eartha groundcables you will reach a point in soundreproduction never thought was possible.You will get a detailed , lifley soundstage from your system that you never can reach with any other groundbox.  

Weight 9 Kg  W 22cm - H 14cm - D 25cm


Poseidon Poseidon

The Poseidon can be best described as three totally independent Olympus Minimus in one neat enclosure. With its three pure solid Silver binding posts the Poseidon offers a tremendous level of performance & an almost limitless set of options. One option in particular is the ability to now Ground each channel of your amplifier, via the negative speaker terminals,  while simultaneously & independently being able to Ground your Pre-amp or Dac at the same time. This option alone offers an unrivalled level of performance yet to be attained in any other single Entreq Ground box. This is just one option, please let your imagination and your dealer take you further. 

The Olympus groundboxes are fundamentally different from both the Tellus & Silver Tellus.  The idea for the Olympus was sparked when we designed the “ supercharging “ qualities of the Atlantis MinimUs & Tellus . There were so many unique and interesting details on this development that when we decided to make Olympus we had to free ourselves to implement all that we had learned with no fixed parameters. It was exciting, almost like starting a fresh. Poseidon can also be a good choice for those who find the Olympus Tellus either physically difficult to accomodate but want the Olympus benefits and where the single outlet on the Olympus MinimUs doesn't offer enough flexibility with connectivity.

Weight 32Kg  W 43cm - H 14cm - D 45cm


Olympus Tellus

Olympus Tellus Olympus Tellus

The Olympus groundboxes are different from Tellus /Silver Tellus in many ways.

When we developed the “Supercharger line” Atlantis we found many interesting details. Unfortunately we could not simply implement these ideas directly into the
                                                   Silver Tellus without fundamentally
                                                   changing the architecture of the product.

With the Olympus line we were totally free to implement all of our combined knowledge, using no fixed parameters to re-design from the ground up.
So in the Olympus Tellus we have seven grounding posts and employ an all new mineral-mix. As well as a reduction of the quantity in some metal particulates. There is also the inclusion of some all new metals, one of which is Magnesium.
This together with six all new solid Silver binding posts, instead of our normal solid Copper posts, gave us an even better noice reduction. In the Olympus Tellus we have also employed one special solid Copper binding post that is completely isolated from the other six Silver grounding posts. This can be used for connecting a specific new mains Eatha cable. This can give a direct connection to the protective ground found in your mains sockets. This reduce's the noise floor significantly! It can of course also be used for other purposes.
The Olympus Tellus offers the same overall sonic signature as the Olympus MinimUs. Deep and massive low frequencies while still retaining the air and texture in the wider spectrum. The separate outlet, allowing direct connection to a wall socket, ( the protective ground) will give you a whole new experience. Connection to the protective ground gives an even darker background and will let you explore more subtle nuance and details within the music.
To be honest when we introduced Tellus 2010, we could never have dreamt that we could take grounding so far. We are just delighted that we have been able to produce something as good as the Olympus Tellus.

Weight 46 Kg  W 40cm - H 20cm - D 50cm
Oak and Dark Oak Oak and Dark Oak

Finishes for Olympus MinimmUs and Olympus Tellus is Oak and Dark Oak.


Minimus Minimus

Only made on request
The Minimus has only a single dedicated ground point. It's capacity is generally limited to either a couple of dedicated ground cables, to ground your equipment, or for the use with our own signal cables. This can be with our digital, USB, analogue or speaker cables. Please seek the advise of your retailer - distributor on specific
                                                   applications & optimisation of our products.                                                     

Weight 2 kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm

    Note : Where possible please ground digital & analogue cables                  to seperate ground points.

Minimus Infinity

Minimus Infinity Minimus Infinity

Weight 2 kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm

    Note : Where possible please ground digital & analogue cables                  to seperate ground points.

Silver Minimus

Silver Minimus Silver Minimus

Only made on request
The Silver Minimus, like its sibling the Minimus, has only 1 outlet. However it encorporates the same enhancements and mineral mix as the Silver Tellus. Thus offering a signicantly more effective grounding than the standard Minimus. Even a brief exposure to the Silver Minimus will quickly validate its benefit. Whether use it solely for our Ertha grounding or with our unique signal cables.

Weight 2Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm

   Note : As with the Silver Tellus the choice of "Ertha" cable used with the  
                          Silver Minimus is critical to obtaining its full potential.

Silver Minimus Infinity

Silver Minimus Infinity Silver Minimus Infinity

Weight 2Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm

   Note : As with the Silver Tellus the choice of "Ertha" cable used with the  
                          Silver Minimus is critical to obtaining its full potential.

Atlantis Minimus 

Atlantis Minimus Atlantis Minimus
Only made on request
The Atlantis MinimUs works in the same fashion as its bigger brother the Atlantis Tellus i.e it provides a cleaner and more stable grounding platform to a current Entreq grounding box. This both boosts capacity, as well as performance, to an already established Entreq grounding system. Just like its bigger brother the Atlantis Tellus - the Atlantis MinimUs comes supplied with a short & specifically designed umbilical cable( this is included in the purchase of the Atlantis MinimUs) that allows you to connect directly on to the back of one of our dedicated grounding box's. The Atlantis MinimUs is ideally used to enhance the performance of a Silver MinimUs. The Atlantis MinimUs is not a stand alone ground box and should NOT be used in this way. Unlike other Entreq products, where experimenting is positively encouraged, both Atlantis Tellus & MinimUs should be used in a specific fashion to obtain the best results from an already established Entreq grounding system.

Weight 2Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm

Atlantis Tellus

Atlantis Tellus Atlantis Tellus
Only made on request
When looking to extend the performance of our Silver Tellus we looked at developing a new product from the ground up. After extend testing we can now proudly  present the Atlantis Tellus. The Atlantis Tellus has only one outlet and is more of a "supercharger" to the Silver Tellus rather than a stand alone ground box (Atlantis can not be used on its own). The Atlantis, with its 10mm solid silver connector, silver conductors, plates and all new mineral mixture - delivers exactly the solution required of our design brief : darker backgrounds, even quiter noise floor, leading to a more natural, airy detailed sound. The Atlantis should be placed on top of the Silver Tellus and connected with a special dedicated cable ( this is included with the Atlantis). For those using an entire Entreq cable loom the Atlantis also increases the capacity of Silver Tellus thus allowing more ground cables to be attached without loss or compromise of performance. 

Weight 22 Kg  W 43cm - H 14 cm - D 31cm
Earth Cables Earth Cables

We manufacture an extensive range of our own dedicated Eartha cables. The ground cables handle very weak current's and high frequencies. They are a very carefully designed and constructed range of products and not just random bits of metals wrapped together and labelled " ertha

                                                   For more information please visit our 
                                                   section on "EarthaCables".

K2 & Everest K2 & Everest

When we at Entreq found a massive new breakthrough for our metal/mineral mix, used within the Ground boxes, we were suddenly faced with a delicate problem. The convenient solution for us would be to release a totally new line of Ground boxes 

It would of course be easy for us but not particularly fair to our existing customers who have already invested money in our products. So just like Hasselblad we accepted the challenge to find a solution where all the benefits from our new discoveries could be incorporated & applied to all existing Ground boxes and work, without limits, with our wide range of Eartha cables.
The demand was it should work from our entry level Minimus/Tellus all the way to the Olympus Tellus. Working as effectively with the entry level Eartha Cupper cables as with Eartha Atlantis. It should also be easy to handle and easy to attach. This has truly been a challenge for us!

Finally… the result is K2 and Everest. We have always used wooden caps on our binding posts, wood is totally neutral and adds no new capacity and in that sense it is perfect. The opposite in fact to using plastic’s and most metals, indeed we have used this fact to add our all-new features. You simply replace the wood caps on your existing ground box with either the K2 or Everest product.
K2 use two different metals and in Everest we have mixed four.
By add this metalmix trough the bindingpost you change the performance in the whole box, not only on the used outlet. That mean that you can fine tune the box so it´s optimal for you. 
The following are examples of the effective performance enhancements available to both old and new customers, but as always. It´s your eaars , your choice. We recomend you to test and find out yourself 
In our opinion K2 are more calm than Everest and fit very well for system that are bright and need some more body. 
MinimUs: Single Ground post only - The replacement of a K2 or Everest to a Minimus will then allow it to, at least, out perform a standard Silver Minimus!
Tellus: Three Ground posts -  As above the replacement of the K2 or Everest on a Tellus will offer a performance level higher than a Silver Tellus.
Silver Tellus: Again the K2 or Everest applied to a Silver Tellus will start to approach the performance of the mighty OlympUs!
Everest then applied to OlympUs Tellus and ……well you get the picture!
On ground boxes with multiple outlets you can of course change over each Ground post one at a time as and when funds allow OR of course all at once! You simply match the K2 or Everest to ensure optimal performance.
Attache K2 our Everest and you will get a obvious leap in performance of your existing groundbox.