Magma and Magma Slim Tungsten

Energy transforming feet

Magma Slim Tungsten, Magma Tungsten, Magma Slim

Inside Magma Slim Tungsten and Magma Tungsten we use a new developed energy transforming unit made of Silver, Stainless steel, Tungsten, Copper, Magnesium, Zink, Steel and Ceramic.

This unit transforms the mechanical energies but also and most important the electromagnetic energies. Since the metals we use in Magma are Dia, Ferro and Paramagnetic mixed together, we get a magnetic field around the Magmas that have a very positive influence. You will easily notice a different in sound even when just placing the Magmas on top of the electronics.

The base for the Magmas is our unique three-layer wood which absorbs most of the mechanical energies.

To be used with DAC, CD, Router, Streamer, Pre/Power Amp and Speakers. 

Magma Slim 25 mm high and Magma 45 mm. 
Handle weights from 1-60 kg each unit. 

Magma Slim Tungsten

Magma Tungsten

Magma Slim