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" Duo negativa affirmant "

Multiplying two negatives produces a positive result.
Similarly, the statement "I know" can also be expressed as "I am not without knowledge." Although the content or message conveyed is the same, the latter expression carries a negative connotation and sounds awkward.

In our experience, the same principle applies to Hi-Fi systems.
Placing your electronic equipment on a glass table is guaranteed to result in harsh and aggressive treble. People often try to compensate for this by using non-neutral cables that artificially soften the sound.
While the sound may appear corrected, it will sound artificial and forced, similar to the awkward phrasing in the above statement.

The more you attempt to compensate for errors using the wrong methods, the worse the situation will become, and you will eventually become entirely lost. This is why it is essential to ensure that the surrounding equipment is as neutral as possible.

Start by ensuring that your mains power and grounding are of high quality to create a solid foundation for your electronics. Then, make sure that the rack and feet you use are neutral and do not add or detract from the sound.
Finally, select cables through a process of continuous listening and testing. What may sound good in the first 30 minutes may become unpleasant after 45.
All of our products are designed to be as natural and neutral as possible, without adding or detracting anything from the system.

The products ‘Vibration-eaters’ and the ‘Foot-family’ do not leave anyone untouched. They often give you improvements 

Athena Rack.
With the Athena system you always can find a solution for both your ears and budget.

EEDS cable design
Our unique cables are the result of several years’ hard work with development. We have investigated and penetrated the operation and meaning of every square millimetre of a cable. 

Groundboxes for all demands.
From entry level to ultra High End
We always have right unit for you