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August 2021 The Tungsten line.

Tungsten Logo Tungsten Logo

We unveiled the groundbreaking Infinity technology in our ten-year anniversary groundbox. Since then, the Olympus Ten has been our most sought-after box, becoming the first product to feature the Infinity technology.
Its success inspired us to create a bigger and better version, the Olympus Infinity.

Now, five years later, we are thrilled to present our most remarkable offering to date, the Olympus Infinity Tungsten.
This product represents a statement of progress and impact, featuring Ceramic, Tungsten, and a new mineral mix that delivers unparalleled performance. It is a solid, fixed point that offers a silent and dark background, and produces a sound like never before.

The Tungsten logo with the Infinity eight symbolizes an assurance of quality, impact, and satisfaction.
If you want to learn more about these exciting materials, feel free to follow the links below: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceramic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tungsten
At Entreq, we meticulously develop and test all our products on multiple systems, across different locations and conditions.

Olympus Ten T.

Olympus Ten Tungsten
This little box is significantly more effective than the 20 times larger Tellus we introduced 15 years ago.
You only need 3 minutes listening with Olympus Ten T for realize the enhancement against Olympus Ten.
A new gamechanger. Alsothe cell in our Multibox TenTen

Olympus Infinity T.

We have improved the Infinity technology.
Adjusted the mineral mix, added a special ceramic and added Tungsten to the metals. The result is stunning. Together with an Eartha Olympus, you get a very powerful earth point that provides a very quiet and interference free background.
The biggest improvement over the Olympus Infinity is in the 3 D feeling. Experience an airy and lively bass quality and a midrange that can rarely be achieved without grounding. You also get this extra ordinary 3D experience. Like when you use very good sunglasses a bright day.
The cell we use in Olympus Infinity Tungsten we also use in Pluton and  Olympus Hero. 


Pluton have three Olympus Infinity Tungsten block in one box. 
With its six pure solid Silver binding posts the Pluton offers a level of performance & an almost limitless set of options that only Hero can do better. One option in particular is the ability to now Ground each channel of your amplifier, via the negative speaker terminals,  while simultaneously & independently being able to Ground your Pre-amp or Dac at the same time. This option alone offers an unrivalled level of performance. This is just one option, there are lot of others. Please contact us or your dealer for find out the best way to use Pluton in your system.
Please read more about Olympus Infinity and Poseidon below on the side 
Pluton 42 kg W42 x D34 x H35


The Olympus TenTen contains ten pcs Olympus Ten T. 
You can either use the boxes separately and connect an Eartha cable to each cell or you can bridge connect 2, 3 or 4 cells together with our T links. 
TenTen also contains a Cleanus in the vibration-damped box. Connect to wall sockets and you get equal effect as if with a separate Cleanus. 

TenTen W36 x D49 x H28 27 kg 

Olympus Hero

New materials.  
New technology   
New construction. 
These boxes are like Swiss army knives. 

You can either use the boxes separately and connect an Eartha cable to each cell and ground all your cables and devices to a cell. Or you can bridge connect 2, 3 or 4 cells together with our T links. Hero also contains a Cleanus in the vibration-damped box.
Connect to wall sockets and you get equal effect as if with a separate Cleanus. 
Olympus Hero contains 5 separate Olympus T boxes and a Cleanus.

The five Olympus Infinity T in a Hero are enclosed in a vibration-damped Oak box made of the same three-layer material that we use for the Athena rack and Magma feets. 

Hero W36 x D49 x H50  60 kg 

Silver Tellus Infinity Silver Tellus Infinity


New improved Siver Tellus
Minimus Infinity , Silver Minimus Infinity and Silver Tellus Infinity make it possible for more users to get the experience from our Infinity technology.
The flow, the speed, the lightness, the punch, the joy, the musicality is what users answer when we ask them point out what they value most with Infinity line. “Something you can´t get with any other gear” use to be the conclusion.
On our 10 year anniversary, we introduced our first Groundbox with Infinity tech. Together with our Eartha Infinity cables, Olympus 10 was straight from the start the audiophile’s favourite.
1 year later we introduce our flagship Olympus Infinity and now it´s time for our old faithful’s to join the Infinity line.
Visit your dealer for a demo and enter the Infinity line


Olympus Infinity

Olympus Infinity Olympus Infinity


New improved Olympus.
Olympus Infinity have the same new technology as we use in 
our top selling Olympus 10. But since Olympus Infinity have 4 times more mass and 5 times more silver treated with the Infinity tech it give you a even more solid effect compared with OM 10.
Together with our Eartha Infinity cables you will find that your records/CD:s or steamed files have so much information and musicality you never heard before. This is our best groundbox so far.


Entreq Wraps Infinity Line

Wraps Infinity Silver Wraps Infinity Silver


New improved Wraps called Infinity Line. 


Entreq Ertha Infinity Line

Ertha Discover Infinity Line Ertha Discover Infinity Line


New erth cables called Infinity Line. Besides it has a new geometry there's also a new connector for more versatile use.


Ten years of knowledge

Olympus Ten Olympus Ten


We at Entreq are extremely proud to ten years after our introduction of Tellus, release Olympus Ten. This little groundbox really state that “old is the oldest”  

Olympus Ten are the result of more than ten years of experience from groundboxes and the result is stunning. The leap in performance compared with Silver Minimus is tremendous. Of cource the bigger brothers Olympus Mini and Olympus Tellus have more solid effect, but we hardly believe you ever will find any other box in this size that give you so high performance for so reasonable price. 

Olympus Ten is the smallest box in the Olympus line. We think it will be a pattern for many years when it comes to size, performance and price.

New cable line up

Primer Line Primer Line


Primer line.

A big step for us.
A small step for you to enter the Entreq world.

Acces to stream Entreq Sound

RG45 Apollo RG45 Apollo


All of you who use our groundboxes, cables, racks and tweaks, you know what it means. You who don´t, why not discover it?

For more than three years I have worked with streaming and RG45 cables trying to get same quality as from CD transport. I knew it should be possible and also understand that the RG45 cable was the bottleneck. You can´t compare a RG45 cable with a FW, USB or normal digital cable. It´s something totally different.

The two first years I could not get any grab about it. The problems only foul around with me and it was a total mess. I tested a lot of the standard Cat5, Cat6 and Cat7 cables on the market. No matter how good the Router, DAC, other hardware and software I used, the result was kindly said bad or even worse. In my opinion it sounded lifeless, dead, sticky and without any flow. As my wife say “ a wall of sound, but definitive not music”.

Finally, I found a standard Cat 6a cable that sounded better than the others. I investigated that cable in every detail and compared it with the other cable I have tested. Specially against the worst sounding. I began to understand the influence of the construction of the cables. 
The conductor area, how they should be twisted, pressure against conductors, how the drain wire should be designed etc. To make a long story short, I slowly understand which parameters that are important for good sound and which are important for good data transfer. Two totally different things.
Now, nearly one year and endless of listening tests later we can present a complete line of RG45 cables. From entry level to real High End. All of them with our EEDS.
With this RG45 cables, a good router, a PC with Windows 10 and one of our Serie II USB cable you will be able to stream with a sound quality you only thought good CD or Vinyl could present. In my opinion you get close to the same natural sound from Spotify as you get from the best CD transports on market. 
Some facts.
We at Entreq always use electronics that have the best reputation on market for our tests.
We use many different brands, dCS, Tidal Audio, Wilson, Technics, Marten, etc. 
Whit the knowledge from using so many different systems we know and want you to be aware that it´s not always the most expensive cable that will be the one that fit you and your system best. You need to test by your self and let your dealer guide you.
Remember that everything start with the access point to internet, no matter if you have fiber or wireless. The Router need a good (Entreq cable) to the access point if you use fiber and also take care how you place the Router. Think of it as a source. There will be difference in sound depending on what material you place the Router on. I have also found that it seems that Routers with high voltage in the power supply generally works best. Change the Power supply to a dedicated improved supply. We have good experience from using Sbooster for an example.
At the end, I must declare that I never tested any of the dedicated audiophile cables on market, and there are three reasons for that. If you look at others solutions, it´s so easy be blind and not see the real problem. Also, it´s not fair play try copy other cohort’s and finally if you want to get first to a point, you simply need to find new paths. If you go where some other already walked, you never be first. So I only used standard cables in our development.


Tellus 2

Tellus 2 Tellus 2

                        Tellus II

                  Entry level Poseidon
Please read more about our new groundbox Tellus II on the page/ Products/Groundboxes.


K2 & Everest

K2 & Everest K2 & Everest

                        K2 & Everest
Go to the highest level, while still keeping your feet on the ground, with K2 and Everest.

K2 and Everest are a result of my fascination for the Swedish company Hasselblad. They have always put customers first! They have famously always worked hard, wherever and whenever possible, to ensure that any new lens or camera body released in to the market should be backward compatible with the customers existing system. You should not be forced to buy everything new just because you want to be at the forefront of performance.
This position & thinking ensures the status, true value, is synonymous with the name Hasselblad. When Collins dropped his Hasselblad during that famous spacewalk, it gave Sweden their first iconic Satellite. Later it took them all the way to the Moon.

When we at Entreq found a massive new breakthrough for our metal/mineral mix, used within the Ground boxes, we were suddenly faced with a delicate problem. The convenient solution for us would be to release a totally new line of Ground boxes with far better performance than our existing ones.
It would of course be easy for us but not particularly fair to our existing customers who have already invested money in our products. So just like Hasselblad we accepted the challenge to find a solution where all the benefits from our new discoveries could be incorporated & applied to all existing Ground boxes and work, without limits, with our wide range of Eartha cables.
The demand was it should work from our entry level Minimus/Tellus all the way to the Olympus Tellus. Working as effectively with the entry level Eartha Cupper cables as with Eartha Atlantis. It should also be easy to handle and easy to attach. This has truly been a challenge for us!

Finally… the result is K2 and Everest. We have always used wooden caps on our binding posts, wood is totally neutral and adds no new capacity and in that sense it is perfect. The opposite in fact to using plastic’s and most metals, indeed we have used this fact to add our all-new features. You simply replace the wood caps on your existing ground box with either the K2 or Everest product.  
The following are examples of the effective performance enhancements available to both old and new customers:
MinimUs: Single Ground post only - The replacement of a K2 or Everest to a Minimus will then allow it to, at least, out perform a standard Silver Minimus!
Tellus: Three Ground posts -  As above the replacement of the K2 or Everest on a Tellus will offer a performance level higher than a Silver Tellus.
Silver Tellus: Again the K2 or Everest applied to a Silver Tellus will start to approach the performance of the mighty OlympUs!
Everest then applied to OlympUs Tellus and ……well you get the picture!

When  you attache one Everest or K2 on a box with multiple outlets, the performance will be changed for all outlets ( the whole Groundbox)

On ground boxes with multiple outlets you can of course change over each Ground post one at a time as and when funds allow OR of course all at once!

You simply match the K2 or Everest to ens
ure optimal performance. 
Do we have to say that we are proud to present both K2 & Everest?


Wilma equipment support

Wilma Wilma


Wilma is an Athena hifi rack but in "Half Size"! Available in many different configurations and of course featuring the exciting option of direct grounding the rack/shelves.
Please read more about the racks here - Tag "Products" and " Athena"


Stereo Times Most Wanted Components 2015 Award!

Ground Boxes Ground Boxes

Our ground boxes received  "Most Wanted Components 2015 Award" and "Editors Choice" by Stereo Times.

"The Entreq Grounding Silver Tellus was one of my nominees for Most Wanted 2014, I had no idea the potential of the Entreq until I invested in an entire grounding system. I had no idea what the Entreq Grounding system was capable of until I owned the entire system. That includes the Silver Minimus $729 Silver Tellus $2,699, Olympus Minimus $2,599, Olympus Tellus $8,999, Poseidon $4,999 now add in a pair of Silver Cleanus $3140, to pair with an Entreq Challenger 3V Powerus $5,500 and Apollo Powerus $9,700 all paired with Entreq grounding cables (various prices) makes my system sound as though it’s running without any electricity at all. The Entreq removes just about all the electronic properties from my system and makes it perform like it’s powered by batteries. Very lifelike and realistic. The entire system is expensive, however, taking it one step at a time will be worth the price of it all. (Clement Perry, Moreno Mitchell-Stereo Times)"


Entreq Power Konstantin 3V award 2015 by Super AV Magazine!

Super AV Awards Super AV Awards


Our Entreq Power Kontantin 3V mains cable has just received the  "Oustanding Overall Performance Award - 2015"  by Super AV Magazine.


Entreq Olympus Tellus award 2015 by Super AV Magazine!


Super AV Awards Super AV Awards


Our top level ground box  "Olympus Tellus" has just received the  " Oustanding Overall Performance Award - 2015"  by Super AV Magazine.


Athena equipment support

Athena Athena


Athena is an equipment support like no other! Athena features our own dedicated noise absorbing net, located internally within each shelf, as well as a ground connection to then lead the interference to one of our dedicated Ground box's - in addition Athena also offers an excellent level of vibrational/energy control through multiple contrained layers of materials and special bonded construction. The supports are available in huge range of different configurations.
Please read more about the racks here. Tag "Products" and " Athena"


Athena Athena



Third launch of three

Optimus Optimus


OptimUs is a unique cable optimizer, designed and built in house at Entreq. Originally designed to help burn-in & optimise our own wide range of cables, it is therefore fitted with almost every signal connector ( except mains cables), even our Ertha / Ground cables are catered for! Its effectiveness is assured for the Entreq range of cable as well as any other brand of cables that require, from brand new, a relatively quick burn process that brings the cables up to optimal performance in the shortest time possible. Used in position 2 then 3 the OptimUs also offers a recondition/refresh service that is very effective, even when used with established and well run in cables.

Optimus offers three different options/positions for best performance.

1. Square wave -  Sending a square wave with a 9-11 Volt Amplitude through the cable. For analogue cables this should be limited to a maximum of 20-30 
    minutes. For Digital and our Eartha cables we recommend 10-12 hours.

2. Noise -  White noise from 1 Hz up to 40 Khz +-3 db .  Above 40 Khz slowly falling but with significant effect up into the 1 Mhz range. We recommend 48-72
    hours in this mode. For new cables this mode should be used immediately after the Square wave cycle. Step two can also be used frequently for the 
    recondition or refresh of current cables in the system.

3. Sinus wave - Sinus wave with a minimum 9 Volt amplitude, this then gently softens down to silence over a 30 second period.


ES Pad ES Pad

                          ES Pad

With the design of the ES Pad we have focused on the transfer of very high frequency vibrations & energy. In our design process we found that this area of the frequency spectrum had a far greater influence on actual sound quality than we would have ever thought possible.
The ES Pad is barely 35mm high and incorporates a threaded multi faceted hard acrylic base, with a mineral filled soft Pad making direct contact with the equipment itself. 
This Isolates the equipment from the foundation of what ever it is sited upon while the direct contact of the Pad to the equipment, drains away high frequency energy / vibrations through the mineral mixture itself, converting this energy into a harmless low level heat.


Manual Groundbox

Manual Groundbox Manual Groundbox


Manual for Entreq Groundboxes.


Second launch of three

                         Poseidon has landed!  Grounding, like never before.

The Poseidon can be best described as three totally independent Olympus Minimus in one neat enclosure. With its three pure solid Silver binding posts the Poseidon offers a tremendous level of performance & an almost limitless set of options. One option in particular is the ability to now Ground each channel of your amplifier, via the negative speaker terminals,  while simultaneously & independently being able to Ground your Pre-amp or Dac at the same time. This option alone offers an unrivalled level of performance yet to be attained in any other single Entreq Ground box. This is just one option, please let your imagination and your dealer take you further. 

The Olympus groundboxes are fundamentally different from both the Tellus & Silver Tellus.  The idea for the Olympus was sparked when we designed the “ supercharging “ qualities of the Atlantis MinimUs & Tellus . There were so many unique and interesting details on this development that when we decided to make Olympus we had to free ourselves to implement all that we had learned with no fixed parameters. It was exciting, almost like starting a fresh.  


Entreq History

Entreq History Entreq History

Read about Entreq history.


First launch of three

With Serie II we take a significant leap in performance.
We have minimized the quantity of metal and with the new construction we also have secured that the connectors always fit well.
One of the big problem in High End are the lack of standard and the big tolerans for connectors. For example a RCA socket vary betwen 7,85-8,15 mm in dia.
This have caused us a lot of problems before since we always use pure metals and not accept alloy.
With the new Serie II we had take a big leap in soundperformance but perhaps most important also in the way handle the connectors.     


AV Show 2015 Hong Kong - Hall 3 Audio room X10


Entreq will be attending The Hong Kong High End Audio Show, organised by Audiotechnique Magazine.
We hope you will visit our room, so we can get the privilege show you our assortment and demo the products for you.  Look forward to see you.

Per-Olof.  Entreq
Frankie.  Entreq Asia 

 Download AV Show 2015 PDF.


Coming up...

A glimpse into our workday...

Entreq Olympus Tellus

Entreq Olympus Tellus Entreq Olympus Tellus


New ground box Entreq Olympus Tellus. Also there is a new finish, Dark Oak.


Entreq Olympus

Entreq Olympus Entreq Olympus


New ground box Entreq Olympus. 


Entreq Silver Tellus award 2014 by Super AV Magazine!

Super AV Awards Super AV Awards


Our ground box Entreq Silver Tellus have received  "Oustanding Overall Performance Award- 2014"  by Super AV Magazine.


New section, Reviews!

Most Wanted Components Most Wanted Components


You can now find reviews of Entreq products in PDF format in the download section.


Streaming music?

Apollo 45 Apollo 45


Lan cables RJ45.


Ground for your computer

Ertha USB Ertha USB


Ground for your computer.


Power cord for digital sources

Konstantin Digital 3V Power Cord Konstantin Digital 3V Power Cord


Power cord for your digital source. 


Atlantis is discoverd...

Atlantis USB Cable Atlantis USB Cable


We are not 100% sure but we believe that when we originally released our Discover USB cable, that we were the first brand to release a specialist USB cable for audio use.

With the development & now release of our new Atlantis USB cable, we are sure that we are the first brand that use's it's own special "in-house" designed & manufactured contacts and cable. We therefore control every aspect of the cable's design & build, this means we have been able to focus solely, with no compromise, on performance as the key factor in the product being brought to the market. In line with the development of the Atlantis USB we have also been working on a complete Atlantis loom/range of cables. We look forward to introducing these to you over the coming months.