Discover the Ultimate Audio Performance with Entreq Ground Boxes  
The principle behind an Entreq Groundbox is to provide a clean and solid ground point for your audio system.
The protective ground in the power network is often overloaded or not designed to handle high-frequency noise and magnetic fields, which can negatively impact the sound quality.
The Groundbox acts as a barrier, preventing unwanted noise and interference from contaminating the audio signal.

Entreq's Groundbox is designed with high-quality materials and innovative technologies to ensure optimal performance. It effectively separates the signal ground from the power system, providing a clean and stable reference point for your audio equipment.
By incorporating an Entreq Groundbox into your setup, you can unlock the full potential of your audio system and enhance your listening experience.


Our decades of expertise in the audio industry have allowed us to develop a range of ground boxes that cater to the unique needs of different audio setups.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none, and we are confident that our products will make a huge difference in the quality of your listening experience.
Don't settle for subpar audio performance. Upgrade to Entreq Ground Boxes today and hear the difference for yourself.

Experience the difference with Entreq.

The biggest issue lies with the protective ground, which is often overloaded or not designed to handle high-frequency noise and magnetic fields.
Although a safety ground can handle high voltage and power, it may not be effective at catching small currents with high frequencies. It may not eliminate them entirely and, in some cases, may actually leak high-frequency pollutants back into the power system.

By attaching an Entreq ground box with Eartha cables to your gear, you can eliminate high-frequency pollution, resulting in more detailed and clear music. You will experience a better flow, more air, and improved dynamics.
It's like driving a car with the handbrake on and then releasing it, everything works smoother.
High-frequency noise not only hides details, but it can also impact signal flow.
Our ground boxes, combined with Eartha cables, provide a complete solution for eliminating high-frequency pollution and improving the overall listening experience.
By using an Entreq ground box, you can release the handbrake on your audio system, resulting in more detailed and clear music. You will notice improved flow, increased air, improved soundstage and enhanced dynamics.

The principle for a Entreq Groundbox

We can not protect our innovations with Pat. Pending.
 So, we need to keep everything about the construction with strict secrecy. This of course had served up for pillocks to write a lot off fake on forums. But that is another story.
To the right you see a schematic draft for a Silver Tellus Infinity groundbox.
We use different layers of metals mixed with minerals to create a Para, Dia and Ferro magnetic  galvanic point that acts like a concentrated piece of Earth.
By changing the metals, minerals, size, weight, case construction and differing conductors we get several
levels of performance and types of groundingboxes.

Imagine the construction as a battery, but opposite. Instead of create and send out, it pull back and consume. 

We normally never tell anything about the way we construct our boxes.  
But this we can show. We don´t think any can copy the Infinity treated special made parts we use inside a groundbox.
They are of Pure Silver, Tungsten, Stainless, Alu, Brass, Cupper etc.

Olympus 10 and Siver Mini Boxes Olympus 10 and Siver Mini Boxes

The weight of the units you connect will determine which ground box you should use.
For instance, the Silver Minimus and Olympus Ten Tungsten have a weight of 2 kg.
As a rule of thumb, a ground box works best when it can ground and drain units that weigh 0.5-5 times its own weight. In practical terms, we recommend using the Silver Mini or Olympus Ten to ground/drain 1 or 2 units, as long as the total weight of those units is less than 10 kg. The Silver Minimus is our entry-level box, but for the best impact, we recommend using the Olympus Ten T.

Connecting heavier units with more mass and bigger chassis does not necessarily mean that the box will stop working, but it will result in a loss of performance. This is because there is simply not enough mass in the ground box to achieve optimal drainage. As you may now understand, a certain amount of mass is required in the ground box to act as a fixed point and deliver the most impact.
Electrical units with low power consumption and light chassis, such as DACs, pre-amps, CD players, routers, switches, etc., are the perfect match for these small ground boxes. They are also ideal for use with EEDS. Another area where these ground boxes are effective is in using neg speaker grounding on small amps.

Olympus Infinity Boxes Olympus Infinity Boxes

Olympus Infinity and Olympus Infinity Tungsten are ground boxes with a weight of 10 kg.
They are capable of grounding/draining 1 or 2 units with a total weight of up to 40-50 kg. You can connect even more units, but be mindful not to overload the box as you will hear it when you reach its limit.
These boxes work well with all kinds of electronics weighing between 8-50 kg.
They also work well for grounding all types of power splits and for negative speaker grounding on all amps.

The above guidelines are not set in stone. You will always get an impact when you connect a ground box, but for the best performance, it is important to match the weight of the ground box with the units you connect to.
For the highest quality in all applications, we recommend using Olympus Infinity Tungsten in combination with Eartha Olympus cables. However, other Entreq Eartha cables will also provide the best value for money as they are developed simultaneously with our ground boxes. Please check the "Eartha cables" section on our website for more information.

Please note that grounding the negative speaker post on amplifiers can have a significant impact on your sound quality. We highly recommend doing so, but we also advise you to download our manual or contact us for more information before making any changes.
Important information! None of our ground boxes shown below can replace protective grounding.

 Tungsten Line.  A Statement for Progress and Impact.

Olympus Ten T.

This small box, when used with an Eartha Olympus cable, provides a powerful earth point that ensures a quiet and interference-free background.
The OM 10 T is most effective when used with units weighing less than 10 kg. Under such circumstances, you can ensure that you have the best possible conditions.
If you connect heavier units to the OM 10 T, it will still work, but for every extra kilogram, there will be a slight loss in performance.
With the OM 10 T, you'll get an even darker and deeper background than with the previous version, the OM 10.
The OM 10 T also creates a kind of 3D impact that we want to call 4D because we cannot find other words for the impact.
We also produced the Olympus Ten T to meet all demands in a multi-box setup, known as the Olympus TenTen. 
Weighs Bruto 2.6 kg Tara 2,0 kg and measures W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm.


Olympus Infinity T.

The Olympus Tungsten has an aura of confidence due to its improved Infinity technology, adjusted mineral mix, special ceramic and tungsten metals, and new and improved casework.

All of these features combine to create a solid sense of trust and confidence in the ground box.
When you look at and handle this ground box, it communicates to you that it can handle anything you throw at it.

And it can! When paired with an Eartha Olympus, you get a powerful earth point that cleans up and sorts out any electrical noise.
What remains is a quiet and dark background that allows you to hear more details, more dynamic range, and an easy flow in music. Sometimes, you even get a 3D feeling that is so strong we like to call it 4D. It's like wearing very good sunglasses on a bright day - you get everything, but in an easy, relaxed, and natural way.
We have also produced the Olympus T to meet all possible demands in multi boxes. The Olympus Hero comes with 5 units, and the Pluton comes with 3 units.
Weight 9 Kg  W 22cm - H 14cm - D 25cm


The Olympus TenTen is a multitool that contains ten Olympus Ten T units.

You can use the boxes separately and connect an Eartha cable to each cell, or you can bridge connect 2, 3 or 4 cells together with our T links.
One particularly useful option is the ability to ground each channel of your amplifier via the negative speaker terminals, while also being able to independently ground your pre-amp, DAC, and cables at the same time.
Additionally, the TenTen includes a vibration-damped box containing a Cleanus.
By connecting it to wall sockets, you can achieve the same effect as if you were using a separate Cleanus. With all of these features, the Olympus TenTen is a versatile tool that can help you achieve high-quality sound in your audio setup.

TenTen W36 x D49 x H28 27 kg 

The Pluton is a box that contains three Olympus Infinity Tungsten blocks within a single casing.
It features six pure solid silver binding posts, which not only provide a high level of performance but also offer almost limitless options, surpassed only by the Hero model.
One notable option is the ability to ground each channel of your amplifier via the negative speaker terminals while also independently grounding your pre-amp or DAC, resulting in unparalleled performance.
This option alone showcases the exceptional level of performance that the Pluton can offer, and there are many other options available as well.
To find out the best way to use the Pluton in your system, please contact us or your dealer. You can also read more about Olympus Infinity and Poseidon on the side. The Pluton is also available in other colours upon request.
Pluton 35 kg W49 x D35 x H28

                                               Olympus Hero.

The Olympus Hero - our pride, our baby, and our statement!
This ground box is built with new materials, new technology, and a new construction that makes it a Swiss army knife of sorts. The Hero contains 5 Olympus Infi T boxes and 1 Cleanus, providing a level of performance and an almost limitless set of options.

You have the option to use the boxes separately and connect an Eartha cable to each cell, or bridge connect 2, 3, or 4 cells together with our T links for even more impact. The Hero also contains a Cleanus in the vibration-damped box, meeting all your demands.

When connected to a wall socket, the Hero provides an equal effect as with a Cleanus, ensuring a clean and sorted signal path. The five Olympus Infinity T boxes enclosed in the Hero are housed in a vibration-damped Oak box made of the same three-layer material used for the Athena rack and Magma feet, ensuring stability and durability.
Experience the power of the Olympus Hero and elevate your audio system to new heights. Contact us or your dealer to learn more about the Hero and                                                                                                                                      how it can revolutionize your listening experience.
Hero W36 x D49 x H50  60 kg 

Infinity line boxes.  For best price vs performance.

Silver Minimus Infinity

Silver Minimus Infinity Silver Minimus Infinity

The Silver Minimus Infinity is a versatile and effective entry-level box that can be used in various places in your audio system. Whether you want to improve the performance of your router, switch, DAC, cables, or even your preamp, the Silver Minimus Infinity is the right choice. It is compatible with all our Eartha cables and can be upgraded with K2, Everest, or Peak4, making it a box that meets most of the demands you can possibly encounter.
No matter where you place it in your system, the Silver Minimus Infinity is sure to make a big difference resulting in improved sound quality and enhanced listening experience.
Don't underestimate the impact that this little box can have on your audio system. Give it a try and hear the difference for yourself.
Weight 2Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm


Silver Tellus Infinity

Silver Tellus Infinity Silver Tellus Infinity

Weight 22 Kg  W 43cm - H 14cm - D 31cm
Silver Tellus Infinity with the new Infinity technology has like the old Silver Tellus 4 binding posts. But on S T Infinity 3 are linked together and 1 is separated, so you can use it for Wall socket or another source that you want have separated.
But S T Infinity are not made for neg speaker pole grounding. 

You hear straight away the relationship S T Infinity have with our flagship Olympus Infinity. A flow and punch in the music that is hard to find other way. There are something special with the Infinity technology that gives a flow and dynamic that are significant for Infinity. The mass of nearly 20 kg
(biggest cell we have) alow you hook up a whole system to the box. 
  Note : The Silver Tellus Infiinity with the mass of 20 kg can handle up to 8 units. It is a good idea not mix digital and analouge units to same S T.

Tellus II Infinity

Tellus II Tellus II

In one way Tellus II Infinity is old stuff in new packaging. But at the same time it's a totally new groundbox that will open up for many new possibilitys. Left and Right outlet are two separated Silver Minimus Infinity and the outlet in the middle is an Olympus Ten with a silver binding post.

In other words, its a "entry level Poseidon"  
It  offers three dedicated ground points wich are toyally separated from each other. For further information about all the options, please take a look at the Poseidon. Tellus II Infinity work the same way.
Together with our dedicated Eartha cables, K2 or Everest there will be a combonation that works for you.  

Weight 15 Kg  W 43cm - H 12cm - D 31cm


K2, Everest and Peak 4 Tungsten

K2, Everest and Peak 4.
We always use wooden caps on our binding posts as standard. Wood is totally neutral and adds or deduct no new capacitys. In that sense wood is perfect. The opposite is to use plastic’s and metals. 

We use this fact for fine tune our ground boxes.
Other manufacturers use this fact and call it grounding, which is, diplomatic said, pathetic in our opinion. This is a add on unit and not grounding
For more info , please go to site K2,Everest, Peak 4


Previous models. Available on order.

Olympus Infinity

Olympus Infinity Olympus Infinity

A statement for all groundboxes
Once we had developed the Eartha Infinity cables a new world open up for us. And with the knowledge about how the performance change after we treat the metals with high pressure, we decided to build a box where we have implement the knowledge we get from the Infinity cables.
A " cost no object" project where we use all our knowledge so far.The result is stunning.Our top of the range box Olympus Infinity is together with Olympus Infinity Tungsten by far the best ground boxes we ever made. Sorry to say also the most costly we ever made, but in our opinion they give the user full value for the money.
Together with our Olympus Eartha groundcables you will reach a 3 D soundreproduction that are exeptional.You will get a detailed, lifley soundstage from your system that you never can reach other way.  

Weight 9 Kg  W 22cm - H 14cm - D 25cm

Olympus Ten

Olympus Ten Olympus Ten

Olympus Ten are the result of more than ten years of experience from groundboxes.
Olympus Ten is the first box where we use Infinity tech.The leap in performance compared with Silver Minimus is not subtle.
You will hear it right away. Of cource the bigger brothers Olympus Mini and Olympus Infinity have more solid effect, but we hardly believe you ever will find any other box in this size that give you so high performance for so reasonable price. 

Olympus Ten is the smallest box in the Olympus line. It is by far our most sold box.

Weight 2,0 Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm


Poseidon Poseidon

The Poseidon can be best described as three totally independent Olympus Minimus in one box. With its three pure solid Silver binding posts the Poseidon offers a level of performance & an almost limitless set of options that only Pluton can do better. One option in particular is the ability to now Ground each channel of your amplifier, via the negative speaker terminals,  while simultaneously & independently being able to Ground your Pre-amp or Dac at the same time. This option alone offers an unrivalled level of performance yet to be attained in any other single Entreq Ground box. This is just one option, there are so many more. Please contact us or your dealer for find out the best way to use Poseidon in your system.

Weight 32Kg  W 43cm - H 14cm - D 45cm


Olympus Tellus

Olympus Tellus Olympus Tellus
No longer in production!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Olympus groundboxes are different from Tellus /Silver Tellus in many ways.When we developed the “Supercharger line” Atlantis we found many interesting details.
With the Olympus line we were totally free to implement all of our combined knowledge, using no fixed parameters to re-design from the ground up.
So in the Olympus Tellus we have seven grounding posts and employ an all new mineral-mix. As well as a reduction of the quantity in some metal particulates. There is also the inclusion of some all new metals, one of which is Magnesium.
This together with six all new solid Silver binding posts, instead of our normal solid Copper posts, gave us an even better noice reduction. In the Olympus Tellus we have also employed one special solid Copper binding post that is completely isolated from the other six Silver grounding posts. This can be used for connecting a specific new mains Eatha cable. This can give a direct connection to the protective ground found in your mains sockets. This reduce's the noise floor significantly! It can of course also be used for other purposes.
The Olympus Tellus offers the same overall sonic signature as the Olympus MinimUs. Deep and massive low frequencies while still retaining the air and texture in the wider spectrum. The separate outlet, allowing direct connection to a wall socket, ( the protective ground) will give you a whole new experience. Connection to the protective ground gives an even darker background and will let you explore more subtle nuance and details within the music.

Weight 46 Kg  W 40cm - H 20cm - D 50cm
K2 & Everest K2 & Everest

Our entry level box. Together with a Eartha Cupper or Discover you get a first class ticket into Entreq grounding and a quality of grounding that say "follow me" to most other brands boxes and cables.

       Weight 2,5 Kg  W 17cm - H 8cm - D 19cm                      

Earth Cables Earth Cables

The choice of Eartha cable for your grounding system are at least as important as your choice of groundbox.
Box, cable and unit should work together. 
Our Eartha cables are developed simulant together with our boxes for give best performance.
So with that said, always choose a original EA cable for your grounding system.

For more information please visit our  section on "EarthaCables"                           

Olympus Minimus

Olympus Minimus Olympus Minimus

Olympus MinimUs, has only one outlet but in this case it is solid Silver. 
Olympus Mini is primary designed for ground Amps and Dac's. But it can also do a very good job with grounding of our cables and our CleanUs line. The most significant difference in performance, compared to Olympus Ten, is the solid dark background in the sound caused of the fact that we have much more mass and weight in the box.it give a deep and massive low frequencies while still retaining the air and texture in the wider spectrum. Even if it not a Infinity box it still have all benefits from the Olympus line. 

Weight 9 Kg  W 22cm - H 14cm - D 25cm
Tungsten Logo Tungsten Logo

We introduced the Infinity technology in our ten-year anniversary groundbox. 

Since then, the Olympus Ten has been our most sought-after box.
It was a breakthrough as it was the first box with Infinity technology. Olympus Infinity is the bigger brother of this box.

Now, five years later, we are proud to release our perhaps most solid statement ever, the Olympus Infinity Tungsten.

It is a statement of progress and impact. With ceramic and tungsten and a new mineral mix, we have reached a new level of performance.

It provides a solid, fixed point that gives a silent dark background. The impact gives a sound like never before. The Tungsten logo with the Infinity eight is an assurance of impact and satisfaction.

You can read more about these exciting materials by following these links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceramic and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tungsten.

All our products are developed and tested on several different systems and also in many different places with different conditions.

Current flows in and out of various switched devices and lighting fixtures, leading to a jumbled flow of current. This is especially true for devices like computers with switched power units, mobile phone chargers, LED and halogen lighting, dimmers, and others, which cause high-frequency noise, stray voltages, and magnetic fields.

This noise seeks the easiest path to the earth, and it is not always through the protective earth since the currents can range from 50-60 Hz to very high frequency and weak currents. Instead, these currents can find paths through dishwashers, laundry machines, water pipes, and other devices.

This makes your HiFi rack and stereo set with all the cables and devices an attractive place for this noise. Additionally, these high frequencies often generate magnetic fields that can negatively impact sound reproduction. Therefore, using Entreq Ground Boxes and Attractors can help reduce these disturbances, providing a clean and solid fixed ground point for precision.