Everest, Peak 4 and Max T

Attache Everest, Peak 4  or Max T to your existing groundbox and you will get a obvious impact.

We normaly use wooden caps on our binding posts. Wood is totally neutral isolator.
Add nothing and deduct nothing, so in that sense it is the perfect material.
By use this fact and add a  mix of metals that are dia, para and ferromagnetic to the bindingpost you change the performance in the whole box. Not only on the used bindingpost.
It´s the whole total mix in the box that changes when adding this metals. 
This means that you as user can fine tune and upgrade the box so it´s working optimal for you.
For more tip about upgrading, please also take a look at Magma Tungsten 

Max T: Elevating Performance Beyond Boundaries.
Introducing Max T, a groundbreaking evolution that transcends the capabilities of Peak 4.

Our mission was clear – to not only enhance the performance of our entire groundbox lineup but also to deliver a significant boost to even our oldest models. With Max T, we've achieved this and more, exceeding our own expectations.

It's important to highlight that at Entreq, our dedication to our customers sets us apart.
If you're already a user of our Tellus/Minimus line, know that you're utilizing a product that surpasses competitors' new offerings, even if your box has seen over a decade of use.

Imagine the impact of attaching a couple of Max T units to your ten-year-old Silver Tellus – a setup that confidently outperforms many contemporary options from other brands.

Max T is a true game-changer, delivering a remarkable upgrade across the board.
From Poseidon to Olympus users, its transformative power brings you closer to the top-tier performance of our acclaimed Olympus Tungsten line. Immerse yourself in the captivating 4D effect, speed, and depth that define our Tungsten models.

Even if you're already experiencing the benefits of our OM 10 Tungsten, OM Infinity Tungsten, Pluton, or Hero groundboxes, Max T takes your audio journey to unprecedented heights.
It maximizes the unique qualities that have become synonymous with our Tungsten series. And the synergy between Max T and Everest or Peak 4 is undeniable, offering an opportunity for an even more refined audio system.

At Entreq, our commitment extends to every customer, regardless of the model you own. Max T showcases this dedication, providing a testament to our resolve in elevating our customers' audio experiences.
It's a pathway to elevate older models to the performance levels of today's cutting-edge technology.
Experience the unrivaled power of Max T – an upgrade that knows no boundaries and unlocks a new era of audio excellence.
Your journey to sonic perfection starts here.


K2 use a mix of 2 metals, wich gives it a dark and calm signature.


Everest uses a mix of four Infinity metals, wich gives it a vital, lively signature.
Very popular.

Peak 4

Peak 4 use a mix off five  different Infinity treated metals.
Tungsten give a solid impact. 

Let  us take a example how to use Peak 4 and Max T on Olympus Infinity.

If you use a Olympus Infinity and add one Peak 4 and one Max T to the bindingposts, you will change the total mix of metals and minerals in the box.
When adding the Peak 4 and Max T the total mix now have changed in the direction of the mix that are used in Olympus Infinity Tungsten.
That mean the performance will change in the direction of a Olympus Infinity Tungsten box. An easy way for upgrade.

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Peak 4