Athena & Wilma

                               "Give me a fixed point and I will move the world".
With Athena, you can have that fixed point for your sound system.
Athena is a heavy, solid, energy-absorbing, non-magnetic, and beautiful rack that stands out among many other racks on the market.

Its construction allows it to handle not only mechanical energies but also electromagnetic energies, making it capable of handling various vibrations, radio waves, magnetic fields, and energies that may affect your electronics and, ultimately, your sound quality.

To test the impact a rack can have on sound and music, you can try the simple but reliable coin test. Just drop a coin on the shelf, and the sound character you hear will be the signature of the rack's impact on the sound. Choose Athena as your sound system's fixed point, and experience the difference it can make.


                                                                       Athenas four cornerstones 

Minimal metal construction to reduce the interaction of different metals and their uncontrolled field effects on the signals.

Active Silvernet system (entire shelf) to reduce and remove RF/RFI and other noise inducing field effects, lowering the noise floor dramatically. Solid Silver Grounding point, found on Level 2 – 3-shelf construction

Naturally damped, heavy multiple layered construction of real wood. A completely non-magnetic material! Anti-resonance porting within each shelf. Adjustable feets.

Timeless, endless and solid. Athena always fit your demands. At least 2000 different ways to build a Athena rack. A real fixed point.

Levels of shelf performance:
Level 1: 3 constrained layers, 21mm thick.
Level 2: 8 constrained layers, 28mm thick, Silvernet and Silver Ground post         
Level 3: 11 constrained layers, 49mm thick, Silvernet and Silver Ground post

The depth of shelfs are 50 cm and they are  avialable in 3 widths as standard. Singel 60 cm, Twin 114 cm and Trippel 168 cm. Qatro and other size on special request. All in all this means you can configure Athena in so many ways that we always can find a solution and build a Athena rack that fit your demand.
On special order we also deliver custom sized Athena

Wilma have all the benefits from Athena, but the size W 40 cm* D 33 cm.

Today so many very fine brands use half size but as far we know there are only racks build for looks good and with a nice style.We dont know any manufacturer that worked for give this systems best possible performance.
Wilma will give your half size system a good outlook and best possible conditions.