Eartha Infinity Cables

Who do you think have the best knowlege to create a Eartha cable?
As well as there are many manufacturers who try copy our ground boxes there are manufacturers trying copy our Eartha cables.
And that´s natural.Who could have better knowledge then we have?
Our Eartha cables are developed simulant together with our boxes for give best performance.

So with that said, always choose an original EA cable for your grounding system.
All Our EA Cables are made for give a neutral impression on the sound character.

EA Discover is a hybrid cable. Cupper and Silver. A good match for the boxes in our Silver Line.
EA Discover have a slightly warm character and let not the details write you on the nose.
However, if you want access to more details and airy sound you should use EA Apollo.

Eartha Apollo is a very good all round cable that fits all our boxes, both in the Silver Line and Olympus line.
EA Apollo is made of pure silver, with carefully chosen gauge on the conductors.
Eartha Olympus are developed for match and be used with our Olympus boxes.
All details, will show up in right shape and the tonal influence are subtle.
An Olympus box with an Olympus cable just lower the noise floor and leave the tonal impression untouched.
You will be surprised that your system can deliver so much more music and details without change the tonal balance.

Eartha Silver are more focused on bring the details in the midrange treble more highlighted
We would not say Eartha Silver is neutral, we would say it´s detailed.

The way the cables are designed has an signify effect on the result.
We believe this is due to there being such a high frequency and low amperage in the current with which we deal.  
When we develope the Apollo Networkcable Apollo RG 45 we more or less stumble in to one of the most breaktroughing developments so far regarding earth cables and grounding.
We test with expose the conductors for very high pressure. When this conductors was used for signal transmission it was not a big hit.
But for grounding it´s one of the biggest improvment we ever came across.
There are many theorys why we get this improvment when we treat the conductors with high pressure. To be honnest we dont know which or what it is who make this big improvment, and frankly speaking we don´t care at the moment. The important is that this is one of the biggest leap in grounding for us so far.
Another detail is the wood tube on all of the Eartha Infinity cables. Also we are not sure if it´s because it reduce vibrations or radiation that we notice a significant improvment with the wood tube on Eartha Infinity.  

Spontaneously, you feel that the design of a cable not used to convey signals, but rather to connect to the earth, should not have any effect on the sound.
However, the choice of materials and the design of the earth cable produces completely different results. Again, we can only find the explanation in that it is a matter of very high frequencies, or else there should not be so big difference between connectors, regular copper cable and mirror-twisted silver cable
Actually, it is merely the design of the contacts and the dialectrum that join a good earth cable with a good signal cable.  Otherwise, they have hardly anything else in common.

Below you can see some of  our cables and connectors in the Eartha Infinity line
We also offer all kind of special connectors on request.

We began to market Eartha Cupper in 2010, and since then we have expanded the assortment with  6 other lines, where Eartha Infinity Olympus is our top cable.


Eartha Infinity Cupper.                           Produces a warm effect.

Eartha Infinity Discover                         A hybrid cable with good details and neutral. 

Eartha Infinity Konstantin.                    Produces more detailed effect, but still warm

Eartha Infinity Challenger.                    A hybrid Copper/Silver that is warm neutral and with  very good details.

Eartha Infinity Silver                              Produces a very detailed effect, especially at high frequencies.

Eartha Infinity Apollo                            Neutral high end cable very open and detailed. Our most allround cable.  

Eartha Olympus                                     For the best systems. Compareable with Apollo in sound but far more detailed. A winner.


In the low range of our Eartha cables It is simply not possible to offer any general advice as to which cable performs best in a stereo set. Since this cables mostly are used in Mid Fi systems the performance vary very much from one system to another.  But in general, we can say that you get what you pay for. The cables are all developed together with Entreq groundboxes and will give the best synergi. 
In High End systems Eartha Silver, Apollo and Olympus will be your best choice. And Eartha Olympus are the ultimate cable.  They all are very all-round and neutral and work always with top performanc together with Entreq Infinity groundboxes in all High End systems. And that is obvious, since they are developed by the same constructor for best performance.

Our top range cables Apollo and Olympus are made of pure Silver, Cotton and Wood. The silver conductors are twisted by our own developed system and then threated with high presure. This insure you will get best possible performance together with Entreq groundboxes.  
Our top cable Eartha Olympus are developed and designed side by side with our Olympus Infinity groundboxes and are the perfect match for our Olympus Groundboxes.
With 2* 15 AWG conductors made by 4 different AWG´s twisted pure silver threads and threated with our high pressure proces, Eartha Olympus will give you best possible performance together with our Olympus Infinity groundbox.

Ertha RCA , XLR, DIN, USB& RJ45, Hook  : Standard length 1.65m ( longer lengths are available )

  • These cables are designed for direct connection to your electronics / computer / music streamer via currently unused RCA , XLR or USB inputs or outputs. The RJ45 connector can also be employed on your Digital streaming device but is most effective on your source router and/or NAS drive.
  • The cable is terminated with an Entreq spade at one end (this connects to your carefully choosen level of partnering Entreq ground box) and then to either an Entreq designed RCA , XLR , USB or RJ45  ground connection, at the other end. This then connects to your selected piece of equipment.
  • A carefully selected Entreq ground box is required to connect to your choosen Entreq Ertha cable.
  • These Ertha cables are available in the following ranges and are in an ascending order of performance :       
        Copper , Discover, Konstantin , Challenger , Silver , Apollo  and Olympus

Eartha Schuko, US & UK
  • These cables are designed for connect to wall socket protective ground and either to a Stand alone Tellus/Silver Tellus or on the dedicatet input on Olympus Tellus. We dont recomend you mix in other ground cables on ground box when using Tellus/ Silver Tellus
  • The cables are terminated with a plug that only connect to the Earth.
  • ​These cables are avilable as
          Konstantin, Challenger, Apollo and Olympus


Ertha Spade to Spade, hook/spade or Banana/hook : Standard length 1.65m ( longer lengths are available )
  • These are used to connect to equipment that have additional or specialist ground points, even chassis locations. The most common application is for negative speaker out grounding.
  • Entreq PowerUs and CleanUs products all have there own dedicated ground connections and as such require an Ertha Spade to Hook to draw excess noise away to your choosen Entreq ground box.
  • A carefully selected Entreq ground box is required to connect to your choosen Entreq Ertha cable.
  • These cables are available in the following ranges and are in an ascending order of performance :
       Copper , Discover, Konstantin , Challenger , Silver , Apollo and Olympus

Ertha 3.5 to Spade : Standard length 1.65m ( longer lengths are available )
  • There is only one application for this particular product and that is to exclusively connect, via a 3.5mm ground connection, to Entreq's dedicated "EEDS noise reduction circuit". This unique technology is built into almost all of Entreqs Signal cables.
  • A carefully selected Entreq ground box is required to connect to your choosen Entreq Ertha cable.
  • These cables are available in the following ranges and are in an ascending order of performance : 
       Copper , Discover, Konstantin , Challenger , Silver , Apollo and Olympus


Eartha Infinity Apollo XLR (Fm)

Earth Apollo XLR Female Earth Apollo XLR Female

Eartha Infinity Power Schuko/ UK/ US

Eartha Schuko Eartha Schuko



Eartha Olympus Infinity Line

Eartha Olympus Infinity Line Eartha Olympus Infinity Line



Eartha Infinity Silver RCA

Earth RCA Earth RCA

Eartha Infinity Konstantin

Earth Konstantin Earth Konstantin

Eartha Infinity Apollo 45

Earth Apollo 45 Earth Apollo 45

Eartha Infinity Line DIN

Eartha Infinity Line DIN Eartha Infinity Line DIN